Ambient Drops

February 2014

  • Processing
  • Audio synthesis
  • Generative art

I set out to create an installation that blends my interest in sound and generative art.

I was inspired by aerial photography in Iceland, particularly, a picture by Emmanuel Coupé: the river fighting its way to the delta, an image of tenacity and perseverance; the eroded rocks and sand, a reminder of the transient nature of things.

Drops trickle down the screen at a given velocity and acceleration. If they collide, they combine to form a bigger drop. When a drop reaches a certain size threshold, it changes color and emits a note whose frequency depends on the drop’s position on the screen. It has mutated.

The visuals are programmed in Processing. The sounds are generated through the SuperCollider real-time audio synthesis engine. The two language communicate via the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol.

You may view and fork the code on GitHub.